Why Bryce Valley?


Well. Here we are. Blog post number one for the Red Ledges Inn. Maybe I should share with you a little bit on how we have gotten where we are today. So here goes. 

HOME: I grew up on a farm in Southern Utah. I have always loved being outdoors and have many fond memories of the sound of spring sprinklers on alfalfa fields and ATV rides through the hills behind my home. Days spent with siblings, cousins, and friends, making forts and having bonfires filled our summers days. Southern Utah is my home. I spent my childhood in Escalante, Utah. My ancestors have been in Southern Utah for many generations. My wife, kids, and I consider ourselves blessed to live where we do. We absolutely love the people and the scenery here. 

THEJOURNEY: After college, we moved around several times, but always within Southern Utah. We ended up in Bryce Valley for a while and fell in love with it. As a kid who grew up in a Escalante, a rival for Bryce Valley, I found myself thinking the blue clay hills of Bryce Valley were ugly. I never noticed the view of the majestic Bryce Canyon on the west horion. Now I am in love with the blue clay hills and the variety of colors they offer as the vegetation changes with the seasons. Three years ago we moved away for a job promotion. After 3 years of banking in a slightly bigger city, we decided that a hotel in Bryce Canyon country was in our future. Gratefully we had not sold our home in the area and were able to move back easily. So today, we are living and working in the valley below the hoodoo's of Bryce Canyon and we are excited to share this area with the world over.

You might ask what a hoodoo is, well... that's another blog post in the making. 

WHAT WE OFFER: I could tell you what we offer at our hotel in terms of ammenities, rooms, and such, but I want to save that for later. What I want to brag about for a minute is the stunning and inspiring landscapes that you can come to see, feel, and experience in Garfield County. Bryce Canyon is what we are famous for and it is breathtaking, inspiring, serene, majestic, and so much more. I have pictures and pictures of the red Navajo sandstone set agains the brilliant blue sky and the rich forest green of the gorgeous mountain ridges that fill this amazing National Park. However, what's really amazing is that there is so much more here to do and see than most people have the opportunity to experience. I believe it's all about the experience. Not just a quick ride to a couple of view points, but a horseback ride through the canyon, a stroll through Kodachrome State Park, or a hike under the Jeep lodged 75 feet above you in Bull Valley Gorge. The drive across Hogs Back on Scenic Highway 12 still gets the heart pumping, and that's while driving the car. The 100 foot water falls at Calf Creek stir the soul and give you a sense of peace that is so hard to find in our busy, crazy lives. In short, you just have to come and experience this country for yourself. Don't just come to see it, come and let it change you. You will fall in love. 

LASTLY, I need to say a two more things. We hope that we can provide you with a great experience or at least an opportunity for a great experience when you stay with us at the Red Ledges Inn. We have a vision for the Red Ledges Inn that is going to take some time and work to make it happen. We are excited to make those things happen.

Finally, if you can't tell, I have a love for landscape scenery. I shared a dramatic landscape photo of the view near my home on Facebook recently. I asked "how would you label this pic?" I loved that I got such a variety of responses. These different responses made me realize that what we see and experience around us and how we interpret those things are the result of our life's experiences, feelings, and impressions. To some a picture reminds us of home, for others it is a foreboding storm, or silver linings after the storm. It is different for everyone. I used to want to post pictures because I wanted to share with others the feelings that I feel when experiencing someithing beautiful. I am realizing that I can't do that. Rather when sharing I am sharing an opportunity for someone to feel, to reflect, or to remember. I hope that through pictures and by sharing our hotel with you, we can help you to feel, to reflect, and to remember, whatever that might be. So I ask what I asked before about the picture below, but in a different way, "what is it that you feel?"


Garrett Cottam